Carraway Safety

Partnering with the city of Toronto, we are undertaking the role of redefining the crossing guard job. We are a select group of Crosswalk Safety Ambassadors that take pride in keeping our communities safe. Sleet, rain, snow or –30°, our team is committed every time that school bell rings. With roads full of aggressive, distracted motorists and other dangers, we know just how important our job is in keeping the community safe.



Crosswalk Safety

This is the main focus of our job. We stand on guard to protect our community from harms way when crossing local streets. We are trained and tested on crosswalk safety standards to ensure our communities are safe.


We take pride in going above and beyond our duties to immerse ourself into relationships with our communities. We are trained and tested on "extras" like conversation ice breakers, school assembly speeches, and knock-knock jokes, all of which strengthen our bond with schools, parents and children.



Our number one priority is to ensure your safe passage across the vital and busy thoroughfares of this city.



Our staff is hand-picked and rigorously trained to ensure that every member of the community, whether they are crossing or just passing by, is treated with respect and a friendly smile.

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We are members of your community and we are proud of it; we are ambassadors in every sense of the word, and we aim to deliver consistent and professional service every time we step into the street to assist every crossing.




We are 416! We are a Toronto-based company servicing the city we all love, respect and live within. We hire within our neighborhoods to make sure that each CSA has a vested interest in their own community, just as our company has a large vested interest in keeping our beloved city safe.

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Safety Tips for Drivers

  • Where a Crosswalk Safety Ambassador displays a red and white stop sign, you must stop before reaching the crossing.

  • You must remain stopped until all people, including the CSA, have cleared the entire roadway and it is safe to proceed. If you have any doubts about when it is safe to go forward, wait for a signal from the CSA.

  • Drivers who don’t follow the stopping requirements may receive a substantial fine and get three demerit points.

Safety Tips for Parents

  • Teach your child to recognize traffic safety signals and the signals of a Crosswalk Safety Ambassador.

  • Make sure that your child can show you that they know how to cross the road safely before you let them walk alone to school.

  • Talk to your child about being a distracted pedestrian. It is not safe to listen to music, text, or talk to friends while crossing the street