Carraway Parking

Carraway’s roots began in parking management at cultural events and concerts, and have since expanded to include holistic parking solutions at healthcare centres across the Greater Toronto Area. Utilizing our experience servicing clients and their customers across diverse industries, we train our staff to manage and execute a variety of operations in order to meet differing client needs. We do so by implementing systems focused on recruitment, onboarding, training, customer-centricity, and accountability.


Carraway Parking Service

Carraway Parking incorporates the control and safety measures needed to integrate moving vehicles and people together. While parking can oftentimes be a daunting task, Carraway offers a wide variety of services that make it a more pleasurable experience.  


Parking Lot Maximization Strategies

Strategizing the way in which you fill a parking lot can maximize usage,space and revenue. Overflow planning, traffic control measures, and tandem jockey plans are additional tools that Carraway may recommend for your garage or parking area.


Custom Parking Control Signage

Adding and or restricting parking space on a property requires both human and signage elements. Carraway blends both components to stretch handicap stalls, VIP parking, specialty stalls and or restricted areas to their full potential. With signs printed specifically for your event, we take full control of you guest parking experience.


Emergency Response Planning

Parking control is especially important to ensure that the way is clear in the event of an emergency response. Developing a fire evacuation strategy and/or escorting an emergency vehicle as soon as it arrives on the property is critical, and is yet another service offered.. Carrway allows you to focus on your operations inside while we manage the parking anomalies outside.


Additional Services

Enforcement and Ticketing

Parking lot occupancy surveys

Battery Boost Services

tow truck and accident response management


Our staff are MLEO certified and equipped to deliver a ticket program to all venues.